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Deltiology - Collecting Postcards as a Hobby

Monday, January 4, 2010

Become a Deltiologist - A Collector of Postcards

Do you want to become a deltiologist - someone who collects postcards? It is very easy and popular.

In fact it is the third most popular collecting hobby behind only coins and stamps.

People have been writing and exchanging postcards for decades, and the tradition of actually writing and sending a physical paper postcard continues today.

Here is the easiest method I can think of to begin collecting postcards:

Step 1 - Purchase a postcard, or several) from your local novelty store or postoffice (in USA).

Step 2 - Purchase postage stamps sufficient to cover the postal cost of sending a postcard to your desired location. You may want to start with the address of a good friend or relative.

Step 3 - Write a short message about wanting to exchange postcards with the receiver of your card.

Step 4 - Put adequate postage on the postcard.

Step 5 - Drop your postcard off with your nearest postal service.

That's it!

Now then, if you want to get serious about collecting and exchanging postcards with others around the world, then try signing up (it is free) with Postcrossing.

This is a free service where you get a random address for someone somewhere on the planet. Then you send a postcard to that person. You will also want to include a special Postcard ID (given to you with the address) on the postcard too.

Once your receiver registers the postcard ID with the
Postcrossing you will get a postcard from some random person somewhere on the planet.

Do not get offended if the receiver of your postcard does not send you a postcard. They are already sending postcards to other random people too.

You can have as many as five addresses at any one time. Each time one of your postcards is registered you are allowed to receive another address and another postcard from someone else.

This is great fun, and you can build up a huge postcard collection in a very short time.

You can also go to and have a free postcard sent from you to one of our U.S. military members overseas.

You can also put your own message on the card expressing your support, and you can also request a postcard be sent to you.

However, military members are very busy, and many do not have access to postcards on the battle field. So do not be offended if you do not receive a postcard.

And naturally you can just exchange postcards with family, friends, co-workers, and classmates. However, I'll bet you get hooked on the fun!

AND, if you are interested, you can send a postcard to the following third party. They forward postcards to me, which keeps my home residence address private. (Yes, I am from Texas).

Celebrity Postcard Exchange
Attn: Don Morrison
6206 Wade Road, Suite 230
Baytown, Texas USA 77521

I will get a postcard off to you as soon as I receive a mailing address.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Say "Thank You" To Our Troops- Send A Free Xerox Postcard & Message in 3 Easy Steps

It’s true. You can send a postcard to one of military members in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Select a pre-designed postcard image.

Step 2 select one of several pre-designed messages, or write one of your own in a limit of about 400 characters and spaces.

Step 3 Press the “Send” button.

It is actually that easy to let a member of the military know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Once you press the “Send” button your postcard will be entered into a cue for the next Xerox printing and mailing run.

Click to Say "Thank You Today!"

You can also view the postcard messages sent by others. Or, you can view messages returned by military members having received a special postcard message.

This is a wonderful effort, and I hope you will click and take the few seconds to send a “Thank You”.

If you have ever served in the military, then you know how important it is to have someone acknowledge and support your efforts.

If you have a friend, co-worker, or relative in the military, then you know how much your communication and support means to them.

If you have ever lost a friend, co-worker or relative in the military, then let a military member know you are praying for their safe and unharmed return to their loved ones.

Personally, as a U.S. veteran and an exchanger of postcards worldwide, I created my own message which included an address so the troop could send me a postcard if they desired. I also included my email address because I like to communicate with the troops too.

What you choose to include in your message is up to you, but please take the time to make the effort.

God bless you and all of your family members and God bless our military members.

P.S. Sending a postcard to members of the military is also an excellent way to begin another path to exchanging postcards from very interesting places. And don’t forget to tell them about where they can exchange postcards from around the world.

P.P.S. You can also send us a postcard if you desire, and, when we receive your postcard, we will try to put it in our Blog postings for others to view. See complete submission details here.